Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Sign the Petition?
Anyone who would like to take a public stand against the policies of placing people in detention camps at the border and segregating children from their parents. While we welcome anyone interested in supporting this movement to close the camps, our aim is to use this petition as a tool to engage those whose families were incarcerated during World War II. 

Why Should You Sign It?
Signing this petition will show the growing numbers of people who want our political leaders to end these inhumane policies of incarcerating and separating asylum seeking families at the border.

Why Should Organizations Endorse This Petition?
Organizations who endorse this signature gathering campaign will be listed on the website and all printed infographics and postcard flyers as ‘Endorsers.’ We will also include a link to all JA and other organizations working to Close The Camps. Partial list of petition endorsers to date include: Tule Lake Committee, Buena Vista Methodist Church (Pastor Yoshi), and others.

What Can I Do? 
There are Four Key Actions to take:

  1. TALK with your family and community and encourage them to sign the petition
  2. PARTICIPATE in vigils and actions to demand the closing of the camps and detention facilities.
  3. CONTACT your elected officials (by phone, email and in person), and demand they support all pending legislation and budgetary action to close and defund the camps. 
  4. DONATE and support efforts to help our families get out of detention centers and strengthen the advocacy efforts underway. 

What happens to my information once I sign the petition?
We will send a monthly email action alert to connect those who’ve signed the petition with information about upcoming news, events, and campaigns led by JA organizations and other groups focused on these issues. 

Did Japanese Americans for Justice organize under a different name in the past?
We used to organize under the banner of NOSEI in the early 2000’s to provide solidarity and support to the Arab and Muslim communities being targeted post 9/11. Fast forward to today, and the same issues of racial targeting and anti-immigrant hysteria that fueled our own internment and the current Trump policies of concentration camps and family separation – have compelled us to come back together to lend our support to the ‘Close the Camps’ fight!